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Photo of Holy Goat cheese and grapes on a wooden cutting board.

The Cheese

Holy Goat Creamery produces a premium selection of handcrafted pasteurized cheeses, exhibiting exceptionally fresh, clean flavors and textures—a direct result of the pure, high-quality goat’s milk produced by Arch Angel Farm in Manhattan, Kansas.


Chevre is the French word for goat's cheese. It is the most common type of goat's milk cheese, and it is a perfect pairing with dishes for virtually any meal or snack. Our chevre features a creamy texture, and an earthy tangy flavor. 


Feta is arguably one of the most famous Greek cheeses. Traditionally, feta is a pickled curd cheese featuring a tangy and salty flavor profile, which is enhanced by aging in a brine solution. Our feta is excellent served as a table cheese, atop a salad or pizza, as well as paired with olives or nuts and a glass of wine. 

Bloomy Rind<br>Styles
Bloomy Rind

Our newest offerings are bloomy rind style cheeses. These are soft-ripened cheeses featuring an edible rind and a mild intensity, creamy flavor profile. We currently offer a double cream brie as well as a camembert style, both of which present perfectly on a cheese plate or charcuterie board. 

"Coeur d'Sainte" (goat camembert) - Pure pasteurized goat milk, buttermilk, culture, salt, rennet
"Peche Noir" (double cream brie with ash line) - Pasteurized goat milk, heavy cream, culture, rennet, vegetable ash, salt

Goat Milk<br>Caramel Sauce
Goat Milk
Caramel Sauce

Also known as "cajeta" (Mexican caramel sauce), goat milk caramel is incredibly rich, sweet and delectable. It pairs perfectly with virtually anything: drizzled over the top of an overly savory cheese, used to candy bacon, enjoyed with ice cream or pie, or even added to a morning cup of is truly a delicious treat.




Ingredients: fresh goat milk, cane sugar, Canela cinnamon

Goat Cheese<br>Truffles
Goat Cheese

Perfect for a tasty (not-overly-sweet) after dinner bite, as a snack or great with a nice glass of champagne; our goat cheese truffles are hand rolled and coated in rich Ghirardelli cocoa powder. We've never met anyone who could stop at just one! 



Ingredients: pasteurized goat milk, Ghiardelli dark chocolate, Double Dutch cocoa powder